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Ricardo Gomez

Research Projects

Current Projects:

Immigration and Information at the crossroads

Past Projects:

Casa Latina and Day Laborers in WA State

  • ICT and Latino day laborers: How do undeserved populations such as Hispanic day laborers in Washington State use computers and other information and communication technologies?

Indigenous Information in Chiapas, Mexico

  • SIET: An integrated information and communication system with an indigenous library, a monitoring and evaluation system, and a community radio with Tseltal indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico.

Impact of ICT: How do ICT help people improve their lives?

ICT Pushback: Expressions of resistance to permanent online connectivity

ICTD TrendsGrowth and maturation of the field of ICTD

  • How has the discourse about ICT for development shifted over the past decade? This study does a content analysis of journals and conferences in the ICTD field between 2000-2010.