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Ricardo Gomez

Public Access Computing in South Africa

Ricardo Gomez and Shaun Pather

Building on what we learned in the Global Landscape Study of Public Access Computing, and in the in-depth study in Colombia, this study explores public access computing in South Africa.

Data Collection Instruments

Collection of Research Instruments for Information Ecology of Public Access Computing

You can use and adapt these instruments, licensed under creative commons (attribution, non-commercial) license.


Gomez, R., Pather, S., & Dosono, B. (2012). Public Access Computing in South Africa: Old lessons and new challenges, EJISDC- Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries,52(1), 1-16. Link

Pather, S.,& Gomez, R. (2010). Public Access ICT: A South-South comparative analysis of libraries, telecentres and cybercafés in South Africa and Brazil. Proceedings of AMCIS 2010.