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Ricardo Gomez

LatinX Stories at UW

LatinX Stories of Migration collects personal stories from Latinx faculty, staff and students who demonstrate excellence and leadership at UW, in order to highlight their value and contribution to UW community and to American society as a whole. I use participatory photography and photo elicitation as a method to document personal stories related to the migration experiences and identity of the Latinx community at UW.  I have learned that participatory photography is a powerful tool that combines words and images to elicit lived experiences and personal stories in a way that emphasizes a deep dimension of humanity, enables building bridges of empathy, understanding and solidarity, and communicates these values with the compelling power of images and words.

I highlight the contribution of successful Latinos and Latinas at UW, embodied by excellence among faculty, staff and students. These stories of Latinx success at UW serve as inspiration and example to other Latinx students, staff and faculty, to the UW community as a whole, highlighting the diversity and contribution of Latinos and Latinas to UW. This will help strengthen and cultivate an inclusive campus climate, attract and retain a diverse and excellent student body, staff, and faculty at UW.

Journal Article:

Gomez, R. (2018).  Success is being an example: Trajectories and notions of success among Latinx faculty, staff, and students in academia, Journal of Latinos and Education, DOI: 10.1080/15348431.2018.1507909.  (Link)


Gomez, R. (2018). LatinX @ UW. 255 pgs, Seattle, WA: Latino Center for Health. (PDF)


Book published by UW Latino Center for Health is available on Amazon:

Proceeds go to scholarships for LatinX undocumented students at UW.

Some statistics of Latinx Faculty at UW

Latinx faculty infographic RG