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Ricardo Gomez


Fotohistorias is a Participatory Photography methodology that elicits lived experiences through the use of photos or objects to stimulate conversation and introspection during conversational interviews and storytelling.

In one project we documented the life stories of migrants in the North, in the South, and at the US-Mexico Border, to help surface the richness, diversity and depth of their roots, experiences, and aspirations. Through Fotohistorias we elicit how immigrant day laborers, recently deported immigrants, and prospective migrants in their place of origin reflect their values and culture through photos and stories. In particular, we seek to understand what are the essential elements of everyday life for immigrants at the transition point of the US-Mexico border, in their community of origin, and in an established location such as Seattle, and how transience, identity, and culture reflected in the pictures taken and the stories told by immigrants. We worked with several nonprofit organizations: Casa Latina, in Seattle, WA, and El Comedor, in Nogales, Mexico, as well as community organizations in Cali and Bahía Málaga, Colombia. Members and beneficiaries of these organizations were invited to participate in the project, which included (1) participatory photography, and (2) life stories elicited through the photos. The work in Nogales explored the experience of the immigrants at the turning point of their migration process, the transience of a shelter on the side of the US-Mexico border. Work in Seattle explored the experience of the immigrants as they settle in their (generally precarious) existence as day laborers. Work in Colombia explored the experience of migrants as they dreamt of migration or returned to their place of origin.

In other projects we have worked with Tseltal indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico, to elicit their experience and understanding of Living Well (Lekil Cuxlejalil) as part of SIET, and to elicit the experiences of LatinX faculty, staff and students at the University of Washington.

Project Site:

Books using Fotohistorias

Gomez, R., Moreno, M., Berwick, J., & Iribe, Y. (2017) Voz de Mujer – Women’s Words: Women’s contribution to living fully among Tseltal Maya communities in Chiapas. Seattle, WA: One Equal Heart Foundation. (PDF)

Gomez, R., Zubair, C., Berwick, J., & Morales, M. (2017). Living Fully – Vivir Plenamente – Lekil Cuxlejalil: Lekil Cuxlejalil among Tseltal Mayan Communities in Chiapas – Lekil Cuxlejalil en las comunidades Tseltal Maya en Chiapas. 62 pgs. Seattle, WA: One Equal Heart Foundation. (PDF)

Gomez, R. & Tamayo, A. (2016). Stories of Mi-Gra-Tion: a flip-flap book. Charleston, SC: CreateSpace. Also in Spanish: Historias de Mi-Gra-Ción: un libro en movimiento.

Gomez, R., & Vannini, S. (2015). Fotohistorias: Participatory photography and the experience of migration, 375 pgs. Charleston, SC: CreateSpace. (PDF)

Journal Articles

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Conference Contributions

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