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Ricardo Gomez

Doctoral Students

Doctoral Students I serve as PhD supervisor:

Ivette Bayo
Ph.D. candidate

Ivette Bayo Urban studies the intersection of culture and gender, and how they affect digital inclusion and information equity.

Philip Reed
Ph.D. candidate

Philip Reed studies how information technology helps people in low-income countries and communities improve their career aspirations.

Veronica Guajardo
PhD Candidate

Vero Guajardo studies information and technology access and use by undocumented students or DREAMers.

Moonjung Yim
PhD Candidate

Moonjoung Yim studies international aid efficady and evaluation, especially in Korea.

Freddy Mora
PhD Student

Freddy Mora is interested in the education experience of first generation students, particularly in the STEM field.

Former Students I advised (graduated):

Dr Luis Fernando Baron (2010-2013)

Graduated in 2013, Dr Baron has been leader in the study of relations of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and social movements in the field of human rights and peacebuilding in Colombia. His research spans such diverse areas as memories, public opinion and audiences studies on violence and peace processes in Colombia, uses of media for social change, immigration and information, and alternative processes of organization for development.

Doctoral Students that I serve as committee member:

  • Adam Bell (2017 – Present).
  • Mike Katell. (2015 – Present).
  • Lassana Magassa. (2011 – Present).
  • Khathaleeya Liamdee. (2017 – Present).

Other Doctoral Students I have served as committee member:

  • Dr Philip Fawcett (graduated). (2010 – 2017).
  • Dr John Marino (graduated). (2016 – 2017).
  • Dr Bryce Newell (graduated). (2014 – 2015).
  • Dr David Willner (graduated). (2014 – 2015).
  • Dr Paul Teske (graduated). (2014).
  • Dr Muzammil Hussain (graduated). (2011 – 2014).
  • Dr Carol Landry (graduated). (2008 – 2014).
  • Dr Peyina Lin (graduated). (2013).
  • Ligaya Scaff. (2015 – 2017).
  • Margaret Young. (2013 – 2016).
  • Sheryl Day. (2011 – 2013).
  • Sylvain Kabongo Cibangu. (2009 – 2010).